As a scientist and an educator I firmly believe in the value of student participation in research.  To this end I have developed an ongoing internship program to bring students into the field as technicians, thereby allowing interested and motivated undergraduates to gain hands-on experience with marine mammal research and acoustic ecology.  I also accept students interested in acoustic ecology to intern with me during the academic year.

Students interested in field internships with the Acoustic Spyglass are encouraged to contact me directly with a CV and a letter of intent outlining their interest in my research. Marine mammal experience is not a prerequisite for participation in field internships; ability to work long hours in harsh, cold, and potentially very wet conditions, as well as the ability to work well on a small team in an isolated environment is essential for participation.

Students interested in laboratory/academic internships are also encouraged to contact me directly.  Possible venues for academic internships include analysis of long-term acoustic data sets, GIS analysis of spatial behavioral data, as well as data management and analysis.


I can be reached at:


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